An Opera Extension to Monitor Currency Rates


Features -

1. Monitor Multiple Currencies
Instant Currency Rates allows you to view the exchange rates of up to 5 currency pair, simultaneously, in a single Speed Dial.

2. Learn the Currency State
Instant Currency Rates visually indicates the strength or weakness of the currency, since its last update, by displaying it in green (stronger) or red (weaker) colour.

3. Convert between Currencies
Use the currency converter tool to quickly compare the conversion rate between multiple currencies simultaneously.

4. Choose from 150+ Currencies
The extension allows you to select currency pairs from 154 currencies currently in use in the world.

5. Customise
Add and remove currency pairs easily. Modify the update interval to regulate automatic update. Change the display delay to adjust the time each pair is displayed.

6. Get Fast Updates
Though not necessarily noticeable, Instant Currency Rates obtains data faster from the net (to be technical, it gets the data as a JSON feed which are often smaller in size than an XML feed. Smaller file size = faster downloads.).

7. Supports Different Opera Variants
The extension is available for both Opera 12+ (Presto engine) version and the slower, and feature incomplete, Opera 15+ (Blink engine) version.

8. Modify at Will
The source code of the extension is available for free at GitHub and is released under the open source GPL 3 license.


1. The currency exchange rate data is obtained from Yahoo! Finance, a reliable source. Nevertheless, please use due caution and verify from multiple sources before using this data for any commercial purposes.

2. Access the Currency Converter through Preferences (just right-click the speed dial, and select Preferences).


Download and try out the Instant Currency Rates extension using the latest version of Opera browser.  (Please use the online support page to report any problem with the extension or to ask for a new feature.)

Get updates to the latest currency exchange rates in an Opera Speed Dial.

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